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Lakewood Subdivision Weather Station

Weather Underground
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Quad City Radar (Weather Underground)

Dixon's Live Police Scanner
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Dixon Police, Dixon Fire, Dixon Rural Fire, Fire Paging,
Fire Mutual Aid, Lee County EMA, Lee County Sheriff Starcom,
MERCI, Point to Point, ISPERN, IREACH,
NOAA Weather with priority scan for SAME alerts

Dixon's NOAA Weather Radio
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From Lee County EMA in Dixon


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3-12-2017, I have had to temporarily shut down my own Police Scanner server. People are using old web links to access it instead of connecting via the new web links above. Please always use this page only to access the Police Scanner or Weather Radio. These links will change in the future.

3-7-2017, Weather Underground discontinued their on line Weather Radio which is what I ran the Scanner through. This function has been picked up by another organization. The links above have been changed to the new supplier.

2-1-2017, The Police Scanner is down until Weather Underground gets their servers back on line. I will make a note here when they get their stuff fixed.

10-27-2014, I have had to change the Police Scanner MP3 Player link above to pull from Weather Underground rather than pull from my own server as it has in the past. The load on my internet connection from all the MP3 streaming was causing problems. The same audio is available using Weather Underground as was available directly from my server.

2-13-2013, This web page address has changed to  You need to replace your old bookmarks.  Please bookmark this page ONLY.  The web pages linked here have addresses that may change in the future.


If you have problems connecting to the MP3 Police Scanner or the NOAA Weather Radio try copying the Link URL (Right click Link) and pasting it directly into your Media Player's Open URL box.

Windows users should try downloading Winamp in place of the Media Player.  Winamp will display Meta Data like the current Scanner Channel & Frequency that is being received.

If you are using an Android phone and your built in Media Player will not play either MP3 audio stream try downloading XiiaLive Lite from the Android Play Store.  This is an excellent free streaming MP3 player. The paid version will also display Meta Data like Winamp.

NOTE: When using any smart phone player please be sure to hit the Stop button when finished listening. This is because these players will keep running in the background and will continue to use your data.

ABOUT: is a privately operated web page by R. Chris Davis from Dixon, IL.  I receive no payment of any kind for the web page or weather station that feeds it.

These web pages are served by my own server that is built from 15 year old junk.  My internet connection is standard home broad band from the local cable TV provider.  Due to this please be patient when failures occur.  I try to check things out every day to be sure it is all still working.

Please e-mail me at the address below with any questions or comments.  I DO want to hear from you with your constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement.

R. Chris Davis  3-12-2017

Chris Davis' Hot Rod Garage, Lakewood Subdivision Weather Station and Live Police Scanner from Dixon, IL